2.1 Gateway through social housing to ongoing support

As social housing staff often have unprecedented access into peopel's homes, they have a unique opportunity to engage with tenants and their wellbeing.

Housing staff are well placed to make discreet, sensitive enquiries, intervening in such a way so as to empower tenants who may be experiencing domestic abuse to take action - this may include accessing ongoing support from specialist and other agencies.

Intervention by housing staff may include:

  • Expressing concern
  • Creating the conditions for disclosure
  • Recognising signs and reporting concerns
  • Providing an initial response
  • Outlining options and signposting
  • Making referrals
  • Providing suggestions for immediate measures that may improve personal safety

Guidelines published by NICE (2014) identify housing staff as amongst those who should be trained to recognise signs, ask questions about domestic abuse and respond to disclosures.