3.4 Additional target hardening

The Free from Fear Partnership's social landlords frequently offer additional target hardening to tenants. This can involve making more permanent changes to improve the security of a property, such as changing door locks, erecting fencing and fitting external security lights.

The availability of additional target hardening will vary between organisations and depends on factors such as approaches to supporting victims, organisational strategy and the resources allocated. It's also determined by internal arrangements for fitting equipment (including outsourcing to agencies such as Care and Repair), and if properties already benefit from 'secure by design.'

Staff should familiarise themselves with their organisation's arrangements for target hardening before discussing options with tenants.

Surveillance measure such as CCTV may be a deterrant and can offer reassurance, as well as potentially provide evidence against a perpetrator.

Individuals who have left refuge can also benefit from additional target hardening - this is especially true in cases where there is a chance a high risk perpetrator could learn the whereabouts of their victim.